Unleashing Your Freedom To Be

Creating a Strategy and Harnessing your Courage to get what you want in life!

Unleashing Your Freedom To Be

Creating a Strategy and Harnessing your Courage to get what you want in life!

“Thrive in Life by having the COURAGE to continually reimage and reinvent Yourself; Your Identity; Your Purpose; Your Wealth; Your Contribution.”

— Sheila Hamilton

Clarifying your
Purpose & Vision

– What Do You Want?
– Why you Want it?
– Who do you need to Become?
– What Price are you willing to Pay?

Claim Your
Personal Power

– Embrace your Birthright
– Step into your Sovereignty
– Develop your Competency

Thrive while living
a Life of Passion

– Unleash your Creativity
– Honor your Ingenuity.
– See your Desires become Reality
– Celebrate the New You!


“There is one word which I have often used to describe Sheila and that is a “Powerhouse”. Whenever she starts to share her insights, of which there are many, I can feel every cell in my body ignite! Sheila is a true example of a woman who knows herself, knows her power and knows her purpose. I love that she can share her wealth of knowledge and wisdom in such a passionate, authentic, and light-hearted manner.

She really does walk her talk. Through her own life experience and a path of self-inquiry, she has mastered the ability to lovingly support others to sing their soul’s song. Her guidance comes in a step by step practical format, all wrapped up in a warm hug from her enormous heart. Everything you could ask for in a coach!”

Catriona Ó Máirtín

“One of my favorite things about working with Sheila is that she brings structure to every call and I always leave feeling clear and empowered. If there is one thing Sheila does well, it is believing in your potential so much that it unlocks what is hiding in your human spirit. It’s a powerful energy she coaches with and I am always more aligned with my calling than I was when I came to the session.”

Amanda Schenkenberger
Creator of Moms.heartsmarthomeschool.com, Oregon
“I have known Sheila for several years. I consider her more than adept at providing wise counsel and guidance. She is committed to helping people navigate these difficult times on the journey to discovering their heart’s desire and to follow their destiny in order to live a fulfilled life. Sheila uses many different modalities, and her path is that of a spiritual guide. She is highly intuitive and works on many different levels; bringing a wide variety of approaches which makes her very adaptable when working with a varied group of people. I highly recommend her Book, “Freeing the Voice of Your Soul.” It gives insight into the level of experience and ability Sheila brings to her work. She is devoted to her practice and to her clients.”

Gwen Atkinson
United Kingdom

“Sheila is a brilliant, powerful healer! She brings a presence of non-judgment, caring, phenomenal insight, authenticity, fun, and wisdom gleaned from her rich, varied life experience. She is, also, gifted in a medically intuitive way.

I have been on a healing journey for 20 plus years and safety is critical to any healing work I embark on. Sheila’s guiding process provided a place of safety, and her honesty was both refreshing and reassuring. I often find it difficult to stay grounded, but Sheila took the time to bring me back into my body and ground me deep into Mother earth. Visualizing has been very difficult for me; however, with her guidance I was able to bring the information out of my heart, as a feeling, and into my mind’s eye.

During our sessions we tackled some deep issues that have plagued me my entire life. Sheila’s ability to channel my guides allowed me to accept the information being given, as well as the healing that was occurring. I love how she could take the information that was coming through me and expand the guidance I was getting to help me understand, easily and effortlessly, what was being presented. I was given practical tools during the sessions that I could apply in my daily life.

One day, following one of our sessions, I woke up refreshed and restored with a will to, not only live; but to thrive. I had started to wonder if I would ever feel that again – it had been a long time. I have so much appreciation for Sheila’s work!”

Melinda Laine
Ontario, Canada

What’s Different about Unleashing Your Freedom to Be?

We believe you deserve to thrive in life!

Do you know, down in your soul, that you have something valuable to share with the world, but you have been too afraid to get intimate with that knowing because you are afraid of unleashing your power? Do you know that you are brilliant, capable, and unique? And, at the same time, are you unsure of exposing and expressing yourself? Are you afraid of failure, judgement, or ridicule? So, you continue to play small, play safe, and remain living a mediocre life.

“Unleashing Your Freedom to Be” allows you to get in touch with your inner power, realize your strength, celebrate your uniqueness, and blast out of your self-imposed box so that you live a life of passion and purpose. You get to own your birth-right to live your purpose, pursue your dreams, and manifest your visions. You get to show up in your life as the authentic, empowered, gifted woman you are. You get to own your authority and respect your sovereignty. In addition, you get to increase your confidence by moving through your fears and taking actions that allow you to see the results you are wanting.

Listen Deeply – Love Passionately – Live Unapologetically

How to Work with US

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Finally, work with us to implement your plan and get the results you’re after.

Freeing the Voice of Your Soul

This book will help you understand Why your Soul Calls out to you. You will learn Where your Desire Comes From and why understanding, evoking, and embracing Your Heart’s Desire is so critical to being able to live a life of purpose, empowerment, and freedom. You will learn why and how your desires got buried over time. You will understand how you traded your God-designed, authentic self, and its desires, for safety and acceptance by the collective of humanity.

The book will prompt you to contemplate several thought-provoking concepts, and then provide specific questions for you to ask yourself about how these prompts apply to you and your life. At the end of this inquiry process, you will be able to identify and claim your authentic truths and your heart’s desires. If you choose to embrace this newly found identity, as well as numerous passionate possibilities, you can utilize the tools provided at the end of the book to empower you to make new choices that allow you to Live Your Truth and Free Your Soul!

Book Reviews

“I am in total awe of you and this awesome gem you wrote. It really is a sparkling jewel, with the most valuable content. You, sharing your journey and all the questions you asked, are so meaningful and important to ask myself; not just once, but whenever necessary. They cover all of life, all kinds of situations, truly helping us along on our Soul Path. I also love the layout with all the pretty drawings and room for notes.

You have managed to write an all-encompassing book on Soul Path in just 53 pages. This alone is a major achievement. It is all written from, and through, your Heart which oozes out of your words as well as the questions you have asked and answered yourself – sharing them in your book. Thank you so much for writing your Truth, giving voice to your experiences in your own unique way, such a beautiful way. Your book makes a fabulous gift to others, Sheila. It certainly is a gift to Myself. I love you dearly and I am so very proud of you for having followed the Voice of your Heart to create this fabulous book. Sending warm hugs your way filled with Gratitude for who you are.”

Ineke Top

“I had the pleasure of reading “Freeing the Voice of your Soul” this winter and enjoyed the deep dive into my highest self. Sheila Hamilton creates beautiful prompts throughout the book that encourages the reader to uncover the truth of their spiritual journey. I had recently completed a transformation experience with one of the best-known coaches on the planet and found that Hamilton’s book brought me to a similar level of insight. As a person who struggles with a voice disorder, Hamilton’s book gave me greater clarity that my purpose in life is to help women access the true power of their own voice and speak their truth.”

Elsa Arend
Life & Executive Coach, North Carolina

How Much Will This Cost?

Consider The following…

How much will it cost you to remain where you are? Consider everything you’ll forgo if you don’t pursue your vision and/or dreams.   That is the real cost of this opportunity. What would be the worst part about staying where you are now? What experiences will you miss? Which relationships will be affected? What will happen to your passion and purpose in life? There is so much to consider. I can help you out and help you up. Let’s set up a few minutes to chat about your goals and your finances and see if we can work something out. Schedule an appointment today. I look forward to meeting you! 

Click the button below to get started.  You deserve to thrive in life.  We can discuss your goals and see what path will best support you in achieving what you want in life.


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  • Anything else I should know about?

Sheila Hamilton

The Founder

Sheila is the Author of the book “Freeing the Voice of Your Soul” and Creator of the Freedom-to-Be Blueprint. She has spent numerous years guiding corporate teams in designing, creating, and delivering programs that facilitate new vision. Simultaneously, she has pursued her own personal and spiritual development, and incorporates this training and wisdom in guiding other individuals and groups to clarify their vision, embrace their courage and take the action required to manifest it in their lives.

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